Our unique approach to impact your sales process and your marketing efforts by integrating the best MarTech Strategies in today's  digital Web 3.0 , ever changing market place.  Don't wait and connect now with more potential buyers now !!!


Socius Digital (From the Latin word Socios and meaning: ” Digital Partners”) is a fully bilingual E-Business Development and Tech Marketing Firm (MarTech) with a unique approach in the creation of topnotch on and offline marketing strategies through a scientific process called MKTGOLOGY ™ .

We focus on productive, b2b, and b2c clients relationships, maximizing time and money to be effective and then efficient by embracing cutting edge technology like the Web 3.0 / Metaverse. 

Systematic transformation of your marketing technology to more efficiently achieve your company
E-Business goals.

Mktgology ™ Consulting Services


Creative Ideas for Innovation                                


E-Business Development


 “It’s not what you do, is how you do it,
It’s not what you say, but how you say it ”

Black Uhuru - Utterance 

 MKTGOLOGY™ Focuses on practical business issues to support growth and proactively address change.

Our scientific and prove methodology to ever changing marketing technology challenges.

Phase 1:

Audit and Assessment

Detail Strategies and Tactics Creations 
Road Map and Budget Development
Phase 2:

      Implementation and Measurement

Phase 3:

 Analysis for dynamical improvements
 Increase efficiency

Our Founder

With over 20 year of experience, Socius Digital Founder, CEO, and CMTO – Chief Marketing Technologist Officer, Ernesto “Cheny” González Torres "El  Mercadeologo" and his team of professionals have work in the digital world since 1998 specializing in MarTech, to provide high quality MKTGOLOGY™  (marketing + technology) consulting services.
Click here to see his latest presentation about MKTGOLOGY™ on the Metaverse. 

"The Mktgtologist ™"

Change and growth strategies are either evolutionary or stagnant.

If our unique approach resonates with your marketing needs and your objetives, result-oriented mindset, Socius Digital is ready to work with you, and together we will provoke positive changes on your business that will increase sales.

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